Re-Blogged | Singing on many levels.. literally! #haveyouheardthisyet?

Ever been touched by a song on a different level? Yes? Good for you.
For the ones who haven’t had the melodramatic experience yet, here’s your chance. And we are talking in terrms of our sense of hearing. For emotionally uplifting material, please tune into the local preacher.

This woman here can sing in polyphones. By definition, polyphone means – many sounds. It is otherwise vrey rare for humans to produce two or more tones of parallel melody from the same source. So far, we’ve been listening to polyphonic ring-tones on our cell phones with the presumtion that polyphonic means many types of sounds can come from the phone. What these phones can do, though, is produce sounds in multiple tones at the same time – something the girl in the vido also does.

Apparently, a local culture in Georgia encourages and trains people with this form of art. There are various types of singing that they traditianally practice – the most popular ones being the one with polyphonic songs, a one with dialugues recited with bass variations and a third one where three parts of a song are sung in three differenet tones.