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Good job Poorva Shourie Jassi

You stole the wind out of my sails. 🙂

Bubble Wrap Inc.

Have you ever felt like misfit in a large crowd? Like you didn’t belong to a certain place; a place where the people were nice but the language was different and words that meant something to you mean something totally different to the creatures of this mystical land? 

No, this is not a another take on Sting’s “English Man in New York” but a real life experience of a creative person who was picked up from a local radio station and put in one of the biggest IT firms of the world. This article is about how words that she grew up with suddenly meant something totally different.

So without wasting another minute lets jump into the top six words that left me confused beyond belief in my first few months of being a corporate slave.

1) Bandwidth – Remember how this meant the speed of your internet? Apparently in…

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