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Throw Momma From The Train

Throw Momma From The Train

First things first – I love Danny DeVito! The guy is great – he is funny, he is smart and a visual treat of his own kind. And, he’s directed this movie too! 🙂

For years, we have enjoyed, talked about and watched Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train again and again. DeVito stars with Billy Crystal in this funny re-telling of Hitchcock’s thriller where things couldn’t possibly be more wrong.

DeVito is his usual funny self and brilliantly acts out the clumsy, nervous middle-aged son who fantasises about killing his mother. Billy Crystal is equally superb as the English tutor dragged into the mess of murders.

Throw Momma From The Train is funny out and out and I was actually surprised by the comic spin on the story that is as entertaining as the original thriller.

Watch it now!