Re-blogged | BBC’s Your Life On Earth

BBC Your Life On Earth

BBC Your Life On Earth

“O this is a world so full of care, there is no time to stand and stare”

BBC runs a spectacular section on their website where you can explore how life has changed on the planet since your birth. Right from tectonic movements to your own heart-beats, this section lets you see the processes and transformations that have transpired around and within us for years.

It is not very often that we get a time to pause and reflect on the smaller nuances of life – which not be so small after all. But this world thriving on ‘competition’ and ‘races to the future’; it is easy to ignore the small changes around us – that later add up to big transformations.

This section was a humbling experience – personally for me. Something that reinforced my existence as a mere creature on this planetary body – floating obliviously in the giant universal pool. Or should I rather say – multiversal? 🙂

Start exploring! Things have changed even as you complete reading this post.. 😉