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Ms. Monroe by Rohit Rohan

Ms. Monroe by Rohit Rohan

I had painted a mural of Marylin Monroe on my wall in MICA during my final year in that amazing place. In time, it sort of  became a symbol of the room and largely of my presence in the room – it is somehow impossible to recall the times in that room without her on the wall. Her flowing curls and her neat features became a thing of fancy for a viewing eye..

After I left, as is customary, the administration painted over the walls to prim the rooms up for the new students to come.
However.. I can still close my eyes and see her beaming down on me.. I still feel, she’s still there..
This is a poem I had written for the same painting on my wall.. for Ms. Monroe..

Ms. Monroe –
I had painted her on my wall
In that room
In that time
That was once mine
Like herself
And is now gone..
She is still there though
Beneath the layers,

Painted over
Blind to the common eye
But if you look closely
Her traces linger
He outlines distinct
And her curls ever-flowing
Even the mole
Still there
Under layers
Of paint
And various other things
Becoming a layer,
But she’s still there

Etched once upon a time,
Now fogged by their layers
But I still see her
More fortunately,
Still feel her
On that wall
In the minds
Where she shall always be..


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