Poetry | Of Friends And Foes

The following is a poem written on the extraordinary relationship between the countries of India and Pakistan. Though culturally and racially almost alike, the countries have been at war with each other right since the two got independence. However, does a term like hostile country refer to the citizens of the country – and if not, why are two countries hostile if their citizens are not? So merely because of te ideological differences between the people ruling the countries, is it fari to declare two countries hostile towards each other? Forget hostility, about 9 out of 10 citizens of the country may not be even aware of the real reasons of dispute – and may still harbour contrasting feelings for some other nation.

And meanwhile, people are brainwashed into religious killings, militancy, terrorist activities and pure-unnecessary-widespread-baseless-nationwide-hatred. With a big thanks to the ever-enlightening media houses. Here’s a peek at what really happens when you ask the leaders on top to stop talking and let the people at the bottom, connect.

Of Friends And Foes

As foes they head
As friends they pause
At every step
At every cause
As such we have been
Right from birth
Our mornings are loud
That muffle our mirth
We here say we are better
And across the line
They say its them!
Wearing a past forlorn
A present torn
We puff up at each others loss
Whose fault is it?
Who is to blame?
Shame on us as we both are the same
We need confession
We need to admit
To clot the blood and dampen the heat
But no!
We have no needle to stitch the cause
So fight we say
And do fight!
Sticking to old ways
Like lizards,tight!
Such meanness we show
Small sentiments and feelings so low!
Nor do they owe us
Nor do we owe
They call us foe
We call them foe….


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