Books | A Prisoner Of Birth – Archer strikes again!

For an ardent Jeffrey Archer fan like me, the book Prisoner of Birth provides an excellent engaging read. Though it lacks the trademark pace and energy that is typical of Archer’s style of writing, the book still manages to keep one engrossed and guessing. Some may say that the story of the book is inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo as the storyline and the characters of both are found to be quite similar. Danny, the protagonist of the story is a simple uneducated and goodhearted man – which easily wins the sympathy of the readers. 

So, for the rest of the story, Archer does not have to make any extra effort to make the readers’ emotions sway against the villains of the tale. Danny’s imprisonment, escape and then his hatching of the plans to avenge his torments all run at a fairly good pace though there are a few lumps in the middle. Archer had need not given the unneeded details of prison life or that of the countryside locales. All it does is remind one of the firsthand experience that Archer might have drawn during the events of his own life. ‘All is well that ends well’ and the books ends on a very expected note – which is something unexpected of a book by Jeffrey Archer.

In all his previous books like False Impression, Kane and Abel, Not A Penny Less Not A Penny More; the author had delivered an ending that had never struck the reader during the course of reading. However the reader will not be as surprised with the fate that this book has. All in all the book does manage to entertain you and still keep your fond for Archer alive. It will be a usual thumbs-up to this Archer book. Its an interesting read and one that you should not miss.