Re-blogged | Letter to PM on NREGA from Development Economists

nregaCoincidently this occured on the same day as on which the Nobel Prize for Economics was given to Jean Tirole – for helping formulate frameworks which help governments provide citizen-welfare and check capitalist-pressures.

In a previous article on how the media killed Manmohan Singh’s PMO, I had discussed the NREGA and its incumbent and aimed benefits. The program later got corrupted and even drew strong comments from Jean Dreze (its founding father). However, in the recent times, the NREGA has revived itself and can be restructured for better results.

Cancelling or restricting it by the NDA is one of those petty-political measures which the party in power resorts to against the party out of it, just to rob the latter of any credentials to show before the next elections. So why embrace Gandhi and Nehru in front of the news media and why abolish plans on their principles in the background?

Besides another important thing to wonder is why didn’t the news media cover it for so long – or was it too busy formulating publications based on twitter trends?

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

Dear Prime Minister,

We are writing to express our deep concern about the future of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

The NREGA was enacted in 2005 with unanimous support from all political parties. It is a far-reaching attempt to bring some much-needed economic security to the lives of millions of people who are on the margin of subsistence.

Despite numerous hurdles, the NREGA has achieved significant results. At a relatively small cost (currently 0.3% of India’s GDP), about 50 million households are getting some employment at NREGA worksites every year. A majority of NREGA workers are women, and close to half are Dalits or Adivasis. A large body of research shows that the NREGA has wide-ranging social benefits, including the creation of productive assets.

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