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If China or North Korea had done such a thing, the world media would have been all over them – highlighting the media prejudices against them. Not that North Korea is scott-free; perhaps far from it, but an incident of similar kind there might have only reinforced the perspective that the world media-audience has about them.

However, when the State lashes down on its citizens like an aristrocrat manner; in an otherwise perceived as a ‘democratic’ country like India, even such comparisons would frown eyebrows.

Talk about media-prejudices, media-perceptions, media-trials and media-chickening-away.

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

Guest Post by Salmaan Mohammed

[ Salmaan Mohammed, a twenty five year old philosophy student was arrested in Thiruvananthapuram on 19 August 2014 for sedition, and for allegedly dishonouring the national flag and national anthem. The complaint against him originated as a response to his refusing to stand while the national anthem was played in a cinema during a screening. Salman is currently out on bail, but still faces the prospect of a life term in prison if he is found guilty of sedition by the judicial process. We at Kafila have been in touch with Salman and he has recently sent us a translation of an audio interview he did after coming out of prison on bail so that the world outside Kerala (and those who do not read or speak Malayalam) can understand what he has been thinking.]

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