Books | An assassin’s handbook

jackalNobody who loves thrillers can afford to miss this one. This is a kind of book which you would want to finish off at one go. Some books are made to be movies and some books are just a narration of truth, under the guise of fiction. The Day of The Jackal is the hallmark of the latter.

Its not fair to categorise The Day of The Jackal as a thriller or any such classification. It can be a thriller, an assassin’s handbook, a political journal, a diary of a hitman and many more.

In my schooldays, I was hooked to the Hardy Boys and Enid Blyton stuff. Right after I completed school, I found this book on sale at a street-side stall  The day I started reading it, I Grew Up ! Hardy Boys and Enid Blyton flew out of the window ! I have never had such an experience, in my life, before. I was glued to the pages for a day and half, without food and just a few breaks for water and the toilet. When I finished reading the last page, I woke up to a new world around me. Life was no longer as happy-go-lucky as teenage-fiction shows it to be and nor was it as climatic.

I know its futile to compare it with predictable plots of conspiracy and espionage with descriptions of the common good-guy-kills-bad-guy-and-his-ladylove-turns-out-to-be-a-spy content. Anyone who has read The Day of The Jackal, will know that there has never been a better-researched and better-explained description of a simple plot of a blood-contract.

Frederick Forsyth is known for research that he puts for his books. This is reflected in this one also. The meticulous planning done by ’The Jackal’ and the effort by the Police to stop him gets you riveted to the book.

The story goes like this- Charles D’Gualle was the post war president of France. During his presidency, Algeria which was a French Colony was given freedom. This was not liked by many in France. Some of them wanted to eliminate D’Gualle from the scene. But many of the assignation attempts failed. It was at this point that they decided to hire a professional killer called ’The Jackal’ to do the job.

The description of how the Jackal obtains a false-passport on British soil, was actually demonstrated in real, by Frederick Forsyth, much to the dismay of the stiff-lipped.

The OAS actually recruited not one but three consecutive hits to dispose Gen. De Gaulle, all of which failed and were exposed, causing the disillusionment of its supporters and consequent downfall of the organisation itself. These are some related significant facts.

In a nutshell, I always refer to this book as ’’The Book’’. I have recommended this book to many people and I got good results everywhere. Read it and I don’t think you will feel that it is a fiction.