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Small Time Crooks

Small Time Crooks

Written, acted in and directed by Woody Allen. I guess that should be enough..

Small Time Crooks is a rib-tickling story of how a group of small time crooks get together – accidently – to hatch the plot to loot a bank. Ray, Woody Allen’s character leads the gang, much against her approval; and in the end convinces her to run a cookie-shop as a cover up to the tunneling.

A funny plot. A funnier Woody Allen. The turn that the story takes – which nobody would guess!
There are many scenes in the movie that run for long dialogues, without a change or a ‘cut’ in the frame. The long dialogues and the humour they still manage to pull out, just goes on to show the technical brilliance instilled in the film.

Psst.. The first time that Woody Allen and Dreamworks Pictures come together for a movie