Books | Puzo – Godfather to Superman


In the endless field of Literature there are always those ‘big’ names that get lost in the crowd of the ‘bigger’ names. One such name is that of Mario Puzo: the author of the timeless classic, The Godfather.

Mario Puzo was born in New York . He even served in the World War II. Puzo has been read widely by many readers and yet he remains one of the most underrated writers. If you ask someone about his works, you will find that the only work by Puzo that has really been popular is The Godfather.

Among other works of Puzo are The Sicilian, Fools Die, The Fourth K; and The Last Don. Prior to The Godfather, Puzo had also penned The Fortunate Pilgrim and The Arena. Puzo has written screenplays for many Hollywood movies, including Superman. Before dying, Puzo left behind the complete manuscripts of his last work, Omerta.

The above mentioned works by him are as entertaining and inspiring as The Godfather, for which Puzo is most remembered. Probably so of the because it was so successfully adapted on the silver screen. The Godfather I is one of the best movies ever made in Hollywood and the portrayal off the title role by Marlon Brando is something of a rare marvel. The Godfather II is considered an even better movie and it had also won several Academy awards. Even Godfather III, although outshone by the two predecessor movies, was a remarkable movie. Mario Puzo won two Academy Awards for the screenplay adaptations of the Godfather movies.

But then, how many of us give credit to him, or even retain the fact that all of it was a genius of a man called Mario Puzo? In the library bookshelves, Puzo’s books often go unnoticed among those of other authors like Jeffrey Archer, Agatha Christie, Paulo Coelho, robin Cook, Sidney Sheldon and (J.K.Rowling and)others.

Fine, he has not written as many books as the others but whatever he has is worth reading a dozen times! (I myself have read six out of his eight works; The Godfather four times!) Some of my friends at school had read Puzo but those in college (rather the ones who read) have not even heard of Mario Puzo! Needless to say, they have heard of The Godfather. And even “seen” it!

The legacy of Puzo has not been carried on by any other author. The way he portrayed the mafia and painted the imagery of Italian customs and immortalized the now household usages like “going to the mattresses” and “paisan”, remains unmatched. His style of delivering the expected and yet surprise the reader by the way he did it is commendable. His tales carry that silent tone of aristocracy, a mute feeling of power and ferocity that is so subtle and appealing. After Puzo, reading crime has never been the same.

So next time you are in a library and need something fantastic to keep you busy, try one of Mario Puzo’s books. Believe me, he’s worth a read!