Re-Blogged | Stop staring at me

staringAmidst all the hue and cry about women and how should media see them and all that jazz, here’s something from a woman I know – a woman like every other, oblivious to yet suffering from a world with media.

La La Ladybrain

wrist_0_1_0Ok, there! I live in Delhi and it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that women get eve teased here at the speed of light. You step out of your house and boy, there are boys and uncles and subjiwalas staring at you like a hawk, waiting to pass a comment. It is funny how I cannot comprehend the orgasm guys get after commenting. Guys, please tell me if there’s a secret Narnia passage from your mouth to down there. What logical or physical satisfaction do you get after passing lewd comments on a girl? I genuinely want to know.

But you know the most awful part is that women have accepted that as long as men don’t touch us, it’s fine. Comments and deadly stares are daily affairs and we are used to it. No big deal. I say, why??? Why on this earth should I allow anybody…

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