Re-Blogged | We don’t need no Sexducation

La La Ladybrain


After meaningless calls to some of my writer friends on what to write I actually have nothing to write. They are a bunch of idiots. The only thing I know is even when my spacebar isn’t working; I need to get dirty with a borrowed USB keyboard and a Word document. I need to write. The only tiny glitch is I have no idea about what. So, here I am experimenting with my brain. Whatever you read after this paragraph is nothing but some spontaneous shit put together without any script in my head. I like the sound of that.

This other day I read an article about “MODIfication” (yeah, yeah Modi stands for PM Narendra Modi, smartasses) and how this country is going to change drastically. And then few days back I read they suggested Sex education to be banned in India, not that it ever started. On the…

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