Re-Blogged | The Inflexible Indian

A friend of mine recently resumed blogging and has come up with a fantastic post that rants about the seemingly insignificant but essential nuances of our lives.

Read on. Its bang on. And its funny like the guy himself.

Random Musings Of An Idle Mind part 2

India is the land of ironies. For example, not only did Indians write the book on sex (the Kamastura, and yet many moral guardians harbor arcane views on human intimacy), but we also invented yoga. People contort their bodies in similar ways as in said book but for a different purpose. The irony therein is that Indians are a very inflexible people. (I know that’s as ridiculous as suggesting all Chinese people know kung-fu or all black people can play basketball, but it’s kind of the theme of the article, so bear with me). Intolerance is one thing, but this article is about a lesser evil, inflexibility.

News in this country never ceases to make me laugh. I’m sure somewhere there is something significant and newsworthy happening, but on some days you will see headlines like this: Denied entry for wearing dhoti: PMK chief condemns cricket club. That’s right…

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