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The King Of Comedy | De Niro's comic best

The King Of Comedy | De Niro’s comic best

Robert De Niro plays a delusional stalker of America’s favourate talk show host – Jerry Lewis. How one drives the other mad – both in the metaphorical and literal sense – is a laugh riot to watch.  You have seen Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro explode with brilliance on the screen together. However, surprising as it may sound, The King Of Comedy is the other side of their cinematic capabilities – of Scorsese’s as a filmmaker and De Niro as an actor – which is equally brilliant. It is funny like you never expected De Niro to be and it brings out dark sad themes that surround the lives of rich and famous people, while ending in a gaping irony itself. The movie is witty and even slapstick at times – making sure your ribs keep tickling. Surprised why it isn’t famous, though! P.S. | Note the use of props in the movie carefully. Like the (unopened) tape that De Niro receives back from the office Watch it here on YouTube