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The Local Stigmatic | Al Pacino's natural flair

The Local Stigmatic | Al Pacino’s natural flair

 The Local Stigmatic is perhap’s Al Pacino‘s most natural and free performance. This hour long short-film (‘sort of’) is based on a one act play written by Heathcote Williams years ago. He is a small time actor but a big time playwright (award winning and all!). Paul Guilfoyle and Pacino play two psycopaths dependent on each other for their twisted existence, who play mind games with each other during the movie while also choosing people to kill. At random.

It is a dark comedy that on the surface discusses dog-racing and other random things; but takes digs at many political and social themes. Watch out Pacino. His get up, his antics and his act – as usual – is just a show stealer. And the music. Oh the music!


P.S. Watch it at night. With the lights out. Alone.

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