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Doodling at work

Doodling at work

Was having a conversation with my boss today when he said how he has been dying to write something for a long time now. It has been the same with me as well.. for a long time now.. Its tough how one must do so many things in life that one should do, while lose out on things that one wanted to do.
Practicality, like other things – another lie told to us to keep in check.

I had been writing on similar themes of late. And dying to pickup the pen  again (although, thats the proverbial pen.. most writing today happens with keyboards). Office life makes it tough to live for yourself. Been calling friends as well and they have the same thing to say.

Its scary.

But I’ve been stealing moments at work to make doodles and scribble short poems. Have a look at the poems here if poetry interests you.
Drop a word if you like them. Drop a word, even if you dont.