Blog | What goes on in your ears?

Pencil sketch by Rohit Rohan

Pencil sketch by Rohit Rohan

I’ve seen many people, while travelling in trains, flights and buses, sitting lost in their niches with ears stuffed with headphones or speakers connected to their music belting devices. And I fail to get this – how do you guys do it?

I mean, what really does go on then? Do you listen to the lyrics? The beats? Or imagine the song or what? I, for one can never do it. I mean, I can never ‘only listen to music’. I have never been able to do it till date. For I believe that noone can un-bore oneself by just listening to music. It sounds like a very idle thing to do.

I guess that every act of engaging oneself with something usually involves more than one kind of participation. As in when you talk to someone, you speak AND you listen. Plus you also think. When you watch television, you are seeing and listening to stuff. Plus trying to interpret whatever is happening there. Same with the movies. And then while reading a book you read, analysing and interpreting the events described in front of you.

But what when you listen to music? You never see a thing. You don’t talk back. Neither read, analyse or anything. In short, there is no active participation. Only passivley existing with the song. So how does one manage to stay so stuck to it? Especially when one cannot really dance or sing along aloud in a public place?

There is hardly any interpretation to do and chances are that you’ve heard the song about a hundred times before that very instance AND that if a new song is played to you, you might switch to a song more familiar to you. Now when some people maintain that they can hardly ever read a book more than once or watch a movie for a second or third time, I wonder how can they still keep repeating the same old playlist all over again?

At least listening to new songs would’ve been more credible. So there you are listening to a new number and trying to ‘receive’ it with your senses. But again.. How can one go on listening to the same old songs? Does it not become a rant after a time?

When I listen to music it is always while ‘also doing something else’ like browsing the web or painting etc. Infact I cannot do those things without music. And I can never sit idly while travelling only listening to songs. I have to read or watch a movie or maybe talk to someone – which is my favourite thing to do in such situtations. And it is not that I just play stuff for the sake of it. It somehow decends down my subconscious and I can even later be heard humming the same songs – with the right lyrics too (infact my friends hate me for being a lyrics-Nazi!).

Maybe it all decends down to the age old peacemaker – to each its own. But I’d insist that it remains something unresolved to me.

How do you do it..!!??