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Pencil Sketch by Rohit Rohan

Pencil Sketch by Rohit Rohan

The first time I missed a bus
I ran down the street
Behind the bus that was fading away
I cried shamelessly
While still chasing the bus down

I still miss buses
I still run down the street
I don’t cry anymore about it though
Guess I have grown up


This was a poem that I had written long ago… probably in school.
Ironically, had forgotten completely about it too. Guess that was long ago as well.

A clandestine conversation (if you could call it that) with someone today somehow pulled it out.
Unearthed it from somewhere. Its not even related.

They say how the exact combination of certain things that bring back certain memories…. smell, sounds or even touches. Maybe just a casual conversation – like the one I had today (if you could call it a conversation, that is)

But strange, how at times even the most unrelated things – something proverbially “random” – can still somehow recreate moments that one might have once lived. And once forgotten.

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