Blog | What are we being taught in schools? #wedontneednoeducation

It’s time for a change. Isn’t it?

As a kid I always thought on the same lines after taking yet another set of examinations. Every time, the same question would ring through my mind “What good do exams do us?”
And mind you, I was bright when it came to academics. But can exams really make us what we need to be — human beings? I was a student of science so I was particularly aware of the woes of the students on my side of the line. We were always taught things that we had never heard of and we were expected to know everything about them within days! I am not complaining only because the stuff was difficult to interpret, understand and learn; my complaint was against teaching something that had no practical use in our daily lives whatsoever.

What will a student do in his life by learning to find the thickness of a lens? Will that make us better persons that we are? I am not suggesting that these things should not be taught. That would be ridiculous! But that these studies should exclusively be for people who are interested in areas of work related to such topics. There is a need to make the entire teaching material more practical and pragmatic.

Let’s face it – the Indian education system is not for an “average” student. It is habitable only for the “brightest”. Students con-by-rote whatever they can and then leave the rest to their memories. We may have the most educated people in the world. But we also house the biggest unemployed lot!

So what use is the education being taught if it cannot give a job; let alone make the person happy in doing what he is doing? What should be taught in school should hold more meaning than the transverse section of a liver-lobule!

We should be taught about art, books, societies, people, cultures and lives. We should be taught about the lives of people around and before us. And let people interested in specific areas of study pursue that.

We should be taught more about the drawbacks of our society and the measures to bridge them. In all these years, what has this so called educated society been able to achieve? Riots? Social differences? Economic gaps? Population? Pollution? Terrorism?

They say the youth can make a difference. But that would be only possible when they come out from those rooms where they sit and memorise how to find the moment of inertia of a circulating object.