Blog | Check and mate!

chessThe game of Chess is something that we as Indians can be really proud of. Though it is not exactly known which mastermind exactly invented it but it is unanimously agreed that this wonderful game has its origin in ancient India .

It is a game that can easily addict any active mind. On a personal front, I can admit to being an addict of this game. For the past three months, I have been playing it at least once every night. Each night, after I have had my dinner and before I snuggle into my bed with a novel, I have made it a habit to indulge myself in one game of chess.

My opponents are usually my friends at the hostel. One interesting aspect of the game that I have noticed is the way it is played. Different players have their favourite methods of opening and operating their games. While some players tend to unleash a blind but calculated onslaught on their opponents, others believe in attacking steadily and stealthily.

As or my methods, I always open my game with the ‘four chance checkmate’ strategy. And most of the times, I am successful too!

The game of chess has many deviations and is played differently throughout the world. But there is a common standard international method of playing the game. While the game has undergone many modifications it has witnessed master players as its milestones too. Some of these were infamous maniacs — one was a king who was so skilled that he refused to play further after his ninth game ! Another player was a British genius who committed suicide publicly by jumping from the building’s window where he had been just defeated by a low profile player.

The modern times have also witnessed quite a number of chess-masters. Gary Kasprov, Kramnik ,Vishwanathan Anand and Bobby Fischer (whom America exiled to Japan ) to name a few of them. And very recently Anand has done us proud again by bringing back the world number one title to the country where the game belongs.

Chess not only improves the functioning of the human brain but is also helpful in developing one as a person and enhance one’s thought process and lifestyle. Who knows it could even have medication effects and may easily be the most scientific game!

And interestingly though the game has many fans, there are still many people who either do not know how to play the game or refrain themselves from doing so. People call it a game for intelligent minds but it is just by practice that you can improve yourself at it. Look at me for instance. There was a time I was so bad at the game that anyone (and that sometimes included my younger sister!) could have won against me. But after playing repeatedly, I so sharpened my game that I defeated two of my opponents in a total of eleven moves (first opponents in four and the second one in seven moves) and entered the finals of the Chess tournament in my college ! And then I realised that al you need is a bit of practice ad a lot f patience for this game. That’s it !

So  . . . are you game for Chess?