Blog | MBA? Yeah sure.. One for me too!


An ode to ”India shining”

Don’t we love to rant about our youth? Does not the supposed power of the supposed youth brigade give all the public speakers the right to brag about the much hyped about the bright potential that they see in the future. The reality, however is not so promising. Recently I was invited to deliver some guest lectures at an MBA training institute while I was here at home. Much to my amazement in the first class itself, I was shocked to learn that most students did not even know for themselves what they were doing MBA for and almost all of them had no idea what MBA is all about!

After interactions with some students from some other city based institutes, I learnt that the situation was as bleak everywhere else. To hunt for hope and sanity, I even logged on to some internet platforms on the topic and to my relief, it was more hopeless there.

Relief : that at least people from my city were a gram more informed than some of those from Bangalore and Hyderabad. Infact I still cannot come to terms with the fact that people were asking other people what they should answer if asked why they want to pursue MBA! Hello! I thought one had made that decision with something in mind, right? Or was it the herd business as usual?

When these same people go to markets, they plan days in advance, hog the web, pinpoint the brand of shirt they want and when finally at the store, they will even then spend more time looking for their ‘perfect’ piece than Mr. Trivedi did in his office after the budget (unfortunately though – I thought he had a commendable budget and that people begin his removal should stop smoking whatever they are doing right now!).

Shopping for a 200 currency shirt forces anyone of the fellows to do the research required, go to the showrooms – more than one and also more than once – and take every monkey and owl’s word before taking out the cash. However, an MBA education is no big deal. Going by the trend, it does not even matter if you know what the heck it is, as long as dad, the ATM given by nature is willing to provide the fee for first the training and then the course itself.

People have no idea what the course is, which are the good colleges, what are they signing up for in the two years to come, what the industry demands and how should they go about it to make a smart investment.

I have always maintained that after you have achieved a certain amount of education – in India that would be graduation – that can give you a job (no matter how hopeless but a job nonetheless); and you still choose to study further instead of taking the job, your further education must be seen as an investment. And one musr be aware of the as much as possible about the thing one is investing money in – most importantly the RoI.

Still, students with the MBA dreams are totally un-oblivious of any such rationale. MBA today has become the IT that was there about a decade and a half ago. May be worse – because it promises more money and because there are just so many vultures waiting out.