Blog | A news website that looks like a.. well.. ahem!

ToIA newspaper few years ago claimed to have the largest number of clicks on its website compared to other newspaper-websites. Thus it claimed to have become the most popular newspaper in the world. However, there is more between the lines.

While the print edition of the paper is still very much reliable and avidly followed, I did notice a strange array of “news” reports and sections that in my guess contributes to the number of clicks. The website has these picture and video galleries which have posts only one inch short of being called blatant porn!

With slideshows and videos dedicated to “Sexiest wardrobe malfunction” and “Dress distress on ramp” the credibility of the newspaper and its sincerity to deliver news becomes debatable. While sections inside the site do carry detailed, in depth reports on the serious issues cropping up each day, the homepage which is the first interface with the visitor on the website, actually paints a different picture.

At times, I seriously felt lost and astray.. wondering if I was really on the right website!

There are galleries dedicated to “Hollywood porn-stars”, “Best cleavage in B-town”, “Sex workers at work”, “Babes bizzare bras” and what not!! All this on the website of a newspaper that has been like a religious belief of so many Indians through the decades, does not really click right.

As a regular follower and a true believer of every printed word in the paper, I can only hope this pornofication of the website stops as soon as possible and that the people behind it realise that there are probably millions of websites dedicated to gossip and sleaze but the paper should not be in the same shade.