Books | No hungry, only foolish

rashmi bansalStay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal is the story of 25 graduates of IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A), who chose to become entrepreneurs, shunning the more conventional and comfortable option of high-paying corporate jobs.

Bansal comes from IIM-A too — which explains her fluency with the business world and her remarkable portrayal of life out there.One noticeable thing about the book, irrelevant to its quality to most extent, is its clear familiarity with the Chetan Bhagat brand. At some level you are reminded of his works. As a matter of fact, Bhagat too is an IIM-A alumni. In fact I could not help checking the list to see if he was their in one of her 25 names!

 The book, a first attempt, does not manage to impress you. It falls flat at places and one wonders the motive behind writing it. And another annoying thing in the book is the endless array of college acronyms and punch words for which I guess you have to be an IIM alumni to figure out. Most of the stories of the book sound the same and run on parallel lines. Though the book gives a fairly surprising look at the lives of some brilliant IIM-A alumni members; about how they initiated an idea and then gave up their shiny backgrounds and bright promising futures and comfortable lives to chase their dreams; the read could have been more engaging had the stories been more versatile.

Besides the lives of the protagonists have only been spared a blurry research. They do not include much input from friends, family or colleagues — something that would have made the book more interesting, perhaps.

Also the language gives the book a more rustic, desi, local feel –something one might not really associate with a read about 25 entrepreneurs. All in all the book has a feel more of a diary or a slambook with a singular perspective than of a well-researched documentation on 25 interesting lives.

So the end word on the book is a thumbs-down. If you have not read it, you have definitely not missed anything.