Blog | Are your opinions being controlled?

perception-cartoonThe debacle of our team in certain tournaments is often a thing in question among all of us. But I guess there is another question to ask. Let me demand an honest answer from all of you – was your anger against the team immediately after such exits same as it was a few days later? On a general scale the answer would be ‘no’.

What I want to point out is that somewhere all of us know that cricket is just a game and that the team cannot always win. So what fuels our rage? The media, it is. To a large extent. The news channels show whatever the viewers would see and react to and thus see more.

When these channels want to cash on the team’s popularity, they show them in a bright light. When they fail, they turn the same heroes into villians. Immediately after an exist, the same channels cue up to talk of them in ugly terms. Higher the criticism, more are the TRPs. There is a table that is stationed, the “experts” line up and the bashing begins. Shamefully, many of them are former players!

Do these players forget that once they were also part of the game; that they had also been defeated. One thing that was favourable when these experts played that there were only two to three news channels. They hype and tension given to them was comparatively nothing and so they were independent of any pressure.

Today every move of the players – including practice sessions – is under scrutiny. Can the player perform freely with a light mind each time he steps on the field? We want the team to win every game. Logically thinking- is it possible? Is it fair?

The cricketers never promise anything. They play with their hearts out. So what if the other team plays better? Don’t we have our days? Do we ever wonder where are the congratulatory messages for players after they win? How many channels send them flowers after the players have made records? But as soon as a player goes out for a duck, his house is brought down by some “fans”.

Is the journey from being a hero to zero so short? I am sure you know the answer.

Rohit Rohan