Blog | Why dentists should also hibernate

dentistWow! Who would have imagined I would have to go dental treatment in the cold winds of winters?
A previous treatment of the unfortunate tooth went sour leading to a devilish crack in it. Happy infection followed which made the following tooth extraction unavoidable. My life rocks!

While I sat at the dentist’s cursing, encouraging and pitying myself all at the same time, I was wondering what will hurt more: the ride back home or the blessed winters? The doc had asked me to come along with a friend for the doomsday extraction as he did not want me to drive back home myself with a low B.P., headache and what not!

As my friend Anish sat in the hall browsing away on FB via his cellphone, I sat there half consciously ruffliing throughout the now-brown and moulding pages of a four year old Reader’s Digest with the thoughts of a bloody torture dominating my mind. I was first called in to give me the anaesthetic injection. I came out with a deja-vu feeling that had lingered on from three years ago. Same doc. Same clinic. Different torture. When I came out, I could not feel much; except for the annoying pinch when I saw Anish sitting there with a wide smug grin decorated on his face.

I wasn’t allowed to talk for the next half an hour.. so I improvised! Till the doc called me in the second tie, I sat there in the room exchanging messages with Anish, much to the amazement of the crowd there who, I guess, took us to be Elton John and George Michael! lol..

Some time later, after lots of drooling, spitting and checking if had not accidently bitten my tongue which had also gone numb; I went in to the doc’s summon and rested myself on his chair. Armageddon followed!

The following is not for the weak hearted (or the weak toothed  ). Reader’s discretion is advised.

Actually, technically I felt nothing thanks to the anesthesia. But you cannot pass through fire and not feel a thing, right (Rajnikant of course can! Let’s not count him.)? The doc first cut into my gums around the tooth and made space to hold the damn tooth with his civilised version of a workman’s plyer. Like he later told me, my tooth had really long roots and so the extraction wasn’t easy (God’s funny, you know!). He had to hold my tooth with his tool and shake it in all directions to pull it out after making some space. Sounds like a nut-job, I know; but trust me, the guy is one of the best in the town and others literally leave you howling in so much pain that you want to press charges!

 Some time later, after watching the blood dripping suction pipe and receiving my prized tooth (Why!!??), I sat there with my held held backwards listening to the doc’s summons for the next month to follow.

 The biggest loss is the food. I will have to miss out so many things for the next month. Just the very thought makes me hungry!

 The winters though, are the worst. Anish was excellent with the bike ride back home so no worries there. But the greater of the two devils, the winter is still riding on my back. I cannot brush my teeth or have a bath for the next two days. Have had to miss the class today after the low blood pressure made me black out for a minute. Cannot talk much. Cannot laugh. Cannot sleep on the left posture. Cannot have anything too hot. Not that I would die without these things, but having the options is nice, you know..

 But everytime I have to wash my face or drink the damn cold water, it makes me wish I could go back into time and be kinder to my dental assets. For the time being though, I will have to wait for my brand new tooth, which is a few weeks away; after which,… ha ha ha ha!! Bring on the food baby!

Although, a major major relief that I got in all this pain was courtesy the fact that United won their fixture a few days ago while Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham all lost and City and Arsenal could only but draw their fixture. Life isn’t all unfair you see!