Blog | Homesick. And sick.

homesickFalling sick is not good anyway….but falling sick as a college student is the worst way going about it….

You first go about your living life the way you want to. Then you feel something is wrong. You ignore it and thus fulfill the first criterium of falling ill. Then you feel you did set a wrong foot somewhere…. and yet you think its not too late yet…. Finally on the third level you feel something for sure is out of the way… but you still decide to test yourself…. And then finally having crossed all the barriers, you succeed in ruining your health and entering the ailing zone.. Congrats! You made it!

And mind you; this is only for the more adventurous ones…. the weak submit to medicines at the first or maybe the second step.

You finally give in and accept that you have fallen sick. But now what? Problems always come in two’s and three’s…. so something else has got to be wrong too! Sniff closely! Either the month end is drawing and you would be out of funds (boys need not worry about month-ends, they are out of funds anyway….); or there will be some big assessment at the college which you will now have to skip…. (kinda good at times coz you had not been preparing anyway….).

You first try to be your own doctor. You open that puny little bag with all the undiscovered things inside it. A torn roll of cotton bandage pops out in relief; somewhere deeper there is a wet zone and moving right in the box you realize its the cough syrup. You finally manage to locate envelope with the pills but the problem isn’t over. you take out all the pills. Green, white, purple, yellow, brown. You read the names and then sit there scrathcing your head. One thing that really drives me nuts is the medicine companies — they print all sorts of mumbo-jumbo on their medicine covers, all the information in the world which one never needs; the manufacturer, the location of the factory, different tax rates in various states….. all of the most unwanted trivia!! But they cannot just mention one line telling you which sickness do you need to take the pill for! How hard is that??

And so you are back to square one. Sick and helpless. If you are a girl, you go straight to the doctor, he cures you, adventure over! But if you are a guy, you either still have some strength to crawl further or you cannot visit the doctor anyway….no friends and funds, remember?

You are ill and away from home. On your own. With noone to care for you. Your friends are busy with their college lives and cannot really devote themselves to you. And then you start missing home. You sit blankly and look back at the times when you had fallen ill at home…. Hmmm… those were the times!

Suddenly you had become the most looked-after person on the planet. A simple sneeze would magnetically draw all the attention to you. Your beloved mother beside you shuffing that wretched thermometer into your mouth every five minutes…. which was the only thing that one could regret about getting ill at home. Even swallowing those colourful pills was not as bad. Though there would be those ugly phases of the perennial nose-running and occasional throwing-up …. but that would all be compensated by the assured care of good old mamma….

We miss that all in college…. I bet there has not been a single soul who has not fallen ill during his/her college life. And not one of them can tell you that it was good! I mean falling ill is not good anyway but falling ill at home was an experience of another world…. College sickness just does not feel as good….