Blog | Half-baked thoughts

IgnoranceThe other day I sat in my classroom making my assignment when I heard some of my classmates talking about movies. They had indulged into harmless gossip sometime ago and from college attendance, their subject had drifted – without any break in the continuity – to the Oscars and movies.

That is when someone suggested something on Slumdog Millionaire. Much as it was in the news, the topic became a hot favourate quickly and the next thing I hear is people saying all sorts of things about the movie and trying to make their point. It was like seeing a blindfold child trying to tail the donkey.

I was busy with my work and was, to more aptly put it, eavesdropping. While one of them suggested that A.R. Rahman had given an excellent score for the movie, another said that the movie was not good….. Why? Because it was a foreigner’s point of view….(??!!) Soon I heard one of them saying that some “British author” said that the awards had been biased even though the movie was good.

“Which author ?”

“Umm….the one who was that young girl’s husband…..”

“Salman Rushdie ?”

“Exactly…..actually it is one of his books that the movie is based on….”

“Oh yes? I see….”

During all these talks, I was so temped to  just stand up and **** in just to correct them. I was so happy to let them yap on with their talks but it just shocked me how people can be so confident and adamant with half or at times no knowledge…. It is like the know where the dots are and they just assume that the picture they have guessed out by joining the dots is the correct one!

First of all, as many of the people out there still think, Slumdog Millionaire is NOT a foreigner’s point of view movie!! The movie’s script and story have been written by and Indian! And yes, Salman Rushdie is and INDIAN for God’s sake!! He has made India a regular at the Bookers!! How can someone miss him out?? And yes, he was never ‘married’ to any young girl….. And more importantly, his book, Midnight Children is NOT the one that the movie in discussion has been based on…. Slumdog is based on the book ‘Q n A’ by Anurag Mathur, AN INDIAN!

I so many times just wonder so badly how can people just alk aloud about things they have just a word-to-mouth knowledge on? And so boldly?? It just goes on to show that what they say has no genuine credibility. A man of his words would always measure the weight of his words and keep its value. He would not say anything amiss; anything that he does not mean.

But most of the people most often do not mean what they say. They would keep you waiting having said “Two minutes…” and then turn up an hour later…. with a bagful of excuses…. I mean, how can you ever trust these people? How can you ever believe what they are saying will turn out to be true or not??

We have the power to speak and express ourselves…. and our words represent our thoughts and actions and the very ourselves. If our words go so cheaply, what else can retain the value of our integrity? At least be tru to your word, yaar. Don’t spend them away so carelessly….

[I am apologetic that I am bringing out my grudge through something that my classmates starred. It is not that I am backbitching them or painting them brown…. I do not usually talk negative of a person when he/she is not there to defend himself/herself….. it is just that what they were doing made a very suitable example of what I wanted to convey. ]