Blog | March – the month against money

MoneyThis is how we looked in March. Or this is how anyone can feel anytime – the trick is to run out of all your money!

I guess out of all the months of the year, this particular month, March is the most heartless in terms of economy and financial stability. Its all a low or no response from all corners. Be it anyone, there is a li’l shaking that everyone feels.

As a student, a son a friend and a roommate I suddenly feel like one of the most deprived creature on Planet Earth. My Dad, a banker, is unavailable dut to peek working hours. Mom says she cannot send me any more money as she has already sent me three times more than my usual monthly allowance. My best friend has her exams and her office demanding at the same time so we have virtually gone off talkin terms. I have lent out money to friends that I don’t see coming back any soon and my roommate is busy cursing the month for his empty pockets!

He says no matter how much he plans, saves, borrows or buries; he faces this dillemna each year. In this very month. And then he moves onto a selective range of expletives. When the month began, my birthday treat was due on me…. so one day my friends dragged me to an eating joint that also specialised in hookahs and drinks. Needless to say I was stripped off my pockets. I shifted to Delhi from Noida, where my college is. So now the travelling is killing me slice by slice.

My clothes had been waiting to be washed since months and when I finally gave them to the nearby washerman, he politely presented me with a bill of four hundread seventy rupees…. A day later I fell ill and had to visit the devil with the telescopes and he again served a bill that made my stomach lurch. My roommate suggested a series of cost cutting measures like cooking at home and smoking “chhoti Gold Flake” instead od Wills Classic…. (which according to him was the biggest sacrifice he has made in his life)…. but none of it could save our souls….

I guess the month is meant to be so. It says March! The very name alarms me. When we were in school, March meant new academic sessions….maybe board exams; but none of it was as pathetic as this! And since the time I have moved into college life, the month has taken a new meaning altogether….banks declaring closing period….companies declaring statements….shps and seths taking account of their stocks…. and ‘Don’ (my roomie) moving down to lesser cigarettes….

And its just halfway into the month!! There is still the other half to drag on! Oh mon Dieu! I guess we will have to cling on to the hope that every ocean meets its end somewhere….. Although one of my biggest worries is my tummy….for by the time the month ends, it will have been so long since I started eating what Don cooks at home! 😦