Blog | Managers for political leaders!

ManagersSo it has been said by so many and for so long that governance in our country stinks and reeks of all sorts of ailments. However noone has really come up with a solution to this problem. It always comes down to either blaming the government and politicians or admitting in a very hermit like fashion that we the people are to be blamed as the power to choose our leaders lies in our hands.

However fact remains that neither the politicians nor the people are going to change overnight so it all comes back to square one. People move on with their lives and the scene is left to what it always was. Some blinks of hope do come along like Times of India organising a nationwide talent hunt for “leaders” but then who knows what happened to the winners or the finalists…. How many of us even remember the name of the winner??

When I shifted to Delhi a few years back for my college education, I noticed that the college students were intensely politically active. There were Left and Right ideologies being discussed in the usual corridors and recruitment to all ideologies was on a high. That was when I realised one thing : it is the politicians who make use of the youth power in the real sense.

Even though the average age of our MPs must be above 50 years (or even 60 years….who knows!!) they actually work through the younger people, most of who begin ther political careers at their college levels. So the youth is not being wasted anyway…. it is being utilised very cleverly though by the time a youth actually learns the tricks of the trade and comes to the chair, his youth is already long gone.

And that is when this concept struck me…. WHAT IS GOVERNANCE? It is nothing but managing the affairs of the country. Managing being the keyword there. When we have some of the best managers in the world, why waste them?? I mean we have the IIMS and a host of management schools that produce flocks of managers each year…. while many of them take jobs in companies here and abroad, there are even people who have a desire to do something good for the country.

So why not recruit these managers to run our country? They are young, educated, sensible, intelligent and capable…. I mean who else can do a better job? When they can run multinational companies, why cannot they run respective segments of governance and thus manage the country as a whole??

Why can’t we have Management-Governance or M-Governance in our country? Any takers?