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Confucius says - Act Crazy Or Die Bored!

Confucius says – Act Crazy Or Die Bored!

Some people that I have met are really really impulsive! I mean they just do things at the whim of time……no this no that; no ifs and no if nots……people wo live with this just-do-it attitude…….just carefree and so lively…….There is this one friend I know who has managed to surpass the most believable levels of craziness that I had known….. One day he set out for the college and in the evening called me up from Agra, saying he’d return two days later. And his explanation for the suddent change of his destination was “Felt like going somewhere else…”…..Another time, another otherwise docile friend of mine beat up this hostel warden of his college who tried to dominate him and later shouted at the Principal when asked to apologise for his behaviour! And to think of it, all of us are a bit like them. At times all of us stretch out from our skin and manage to do things that take us beyond that circle of logical reasoning which we had expected ourselves to always be inside…. And the more people I meet, and the more people I discuss this with, the surer I get of this belief…. that all of us have this streak of occassional ‘craziness’ that we always look back at and say “Wow! I really did that!” And do so without any regret or remorse…..infact we’re laden with a feeling of impish pride and adventure…..

So what is the craziest thing that I have done? Ummm… night when we were just so bored, two of my friends and I just decided to go biking around the city all night….We had nowhere in particular to go, so we thought why not go to that haunted place on the highway that we had heard of? Well, it was almost to the plan till we got interrupted by two policemen on a bike. A brief interrogation later, we assured then that we will be on our way back to our house. However half an hour later we were almost on the highway, happily clicking pictures when we saw this police jeep approaching us. Our alarma bells rang loud and my friends made away on their bike. I was stuck on this other stupid bike which just would not start!! What a time it chose to freeze down! With the jeep almost twenty meters away, I noticed the key pointing to “off”…. Nick of time and the bike vroomed and I was off. Twenty minutes later I was still on the highway, three in the morning, I had no idea where I was headed and yes, the police jeep was still chasing me! Sometime later I made way into this parking lot of a hotel and managed to shed the jeep. When reunited, all of us friends had such a great sense of admiration about the whole thing! Crazy we were, I know! But it was fun!

My mom once did this outrageous thing! In order to help me lose my fear of heights, she climbed and sat the wall on our terrace, with her feet on the outer side and nothing to hold onto!!!! I was scared like hell and after repeated requests to her to come back, I had no option but to run down back into my house and bury myself head-deep into a bucket full of water. My dad once tried growing his beard long. It drove the rest three of us (mom, sis and me) mad. And thankfully three months later after his beard looked like one of the dacoits’ in the old hindi movies, he had to shave it all off! Phew!

Another friend in colleger here, a senior to me, once literally acted like a dog in his workplace. For a complete one hour, he was on his four limbs, tongue out and ……well…you can picture the rest. And yes! this friend of mine from school! Man he was mad enough to make out with a girl in her drawing room while her dad was catching the sports news in the bedroom and her mom cooked fish-curry in the kitchen! That was mad! But thrilling!

These are just some of the many things that we do that we fondly remember all our lives. No reason, no logic and definitely no need. And they never fulfill any certain goal in our lives either. But somehow they are always counted among the happy moments of our adventures.