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The Number 9

The Number 9

I believe some of you have seen the movie called “The Number 23” starring Jim Carey (who so brilliantly portrayed the character of the protagonist very different from the comic men he plays). It is a remarkable movie about a man who finds out he has been followed by the number 23 all his life. So much so, he has himself become obsessed with the number and co-incidently the number does pop up every other moment of his living life.

Right from his date of birth to his name; from the colour code of his favourite colour to the number of the street his house is on, the number doesn’t just quit following him. Now, I won’t blurt out more details of the movie and spoil the fun in case you have not watched it. But do watch it in case you haven’t. Its a nice one. For me it was specially invigorating in the sense that I have been having a somewhat similar experience all my life myself.

In my case, though, the number is different. It has been my observation that the number 9 has been tailing me since forever. There was a time that I felt myself so tagged by the number that I actually made a list of things to check this wierd overlap. I mention here a few of them which might even strike you as an odd repeatition.

For starters, I was born on the 9th of the month. I was born in the year 1989 whose digits add up to 9. It was the 9th year of that decade and it was the 9th decade of the century. Get the feel? There is more.

My name begins with ‘R’ which is the 18th letter (1+8). My entire name adds up to 126 (taking the values of R as 18, O as 15 and so on). My parents were born on the 9th and the 18th days of the month. I turned 9 in the year 1998 and 18 in the year 2007.

I graduated from school and joined college in the year 2007. I was alloted a room in the hostel that was on the 9th floor. My room number was 909 and my lock number was 27. My first telephone number at home added up to 9 and my first cellphone number followed the same ‘routine’.

Roll numbers are subject to change every year in school. Although in that little period a few years ago that one could have called me “obsessed” with the number, I opened up all my report cards from back school to get the facts straigh. Guess what? For 9 different years my roll number had been 36. In college though I had just one roll number throughout. It was 126.

In my college years, I had been really taken over by this strange “co-incidence”. I would register every minute detail of my daily life and it did not hellp when the number of stair uptp my class room added to 9 as well. But there came a time when I decided to ignore whatever this thing was. Maybe it was plain con-incidence. Maybe it was something more than that. But I decided to give it a break. It had started to play on my mind forever (no wonder I was making lists). Even though I have done my best to not-notice such oddities, I sometimes still stumble upon a few of them. Hard to avoid them all I guess. Even the digits on my various cards (PAN card, etc.) add up to 9.

The number itself is very fascinating – one of the things I noticed about it as a child. In the multiplication table of the number 9, all the products add their digits to 9. My uncle once showed me how you could write all the unmbers 0-9 and then adjoin the digits 9-0 next to each of them to complete the table of the number.

But yeah, at least I have now managed to shed the belief that it all means something…. hehe.. What’s the point? I do not want a biopic on my story. Well.. at least not one on such an obsession.